World’s Top 30 Coffee Consuming Nations

Feb 29, 2012



Never Ending Espresso Story – World’s Top 30 Consumers

There have been several articles in the Aromo Blog about growing coffee consumption

Green bean experts reckon that by the end of this decade, coffee production will have possibly reached 160m bags to meet the growing demands

Coffee growth is being driven by in origin consumption, as these traditionally poorer BRIC nations discover new wealth and consumerism, and by single serve espresso concepts, such as ESE Espresso pods in developed Western European markets

Well that’s all very interesting, but other than the usual ‘tit bit’ of Finland being the largest per capita consumer of coffee in the world, do you know any of the other Top 30 coffee caffeine addicted nations?

Now you do!

Top 30 Coffee Consuming Countries

And it’s interesting to note which nations make the cut and which don’t isn’t it?

Because coffee consumption per se is a clear and obvious precursor to a developed and credible espresso culture isn’t it….? Or at least the theory of that statement makes sense!

So where is Blighty? Well at 2.5 kilo per capita, we are lucky to make the Top 100!

Conversely interesting to note that Brunei and Lebanon make the Top 30 isn’t it?

All of which adds up to a situation, where by the world barista and world latte art ‘play offs’ seem to be nothing more vacuous than the ridiculed World Series Baseball in the US!

Here at Aromo we do little pretending! We simply love espresso period

We don’t pretend to be world experts in milk frothing and micro grinding or sweet spots…all of which nebula has arisen from the US and UK … We simply love and enjoy perfetto espresso and to that end we are fans of the oft maligned ESE Easy Serving Espresso pod!

Try our ESE pods and if you are not a convert prepared to be amazed…simple to use, fresh, great tasting espresso with no mess, no fuss and no waste…Leave the hot air and pontificating to the speciality associations of Uranus and start enjoying real espresso!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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