World’s Top 10 Cities for Coffee

Dec 19, 2012



‘USA Today’ recently produced an interesting article, by offering an opinion on the top ten global cities for coffee culture, espresso connoisseurs and all things black gold caffeine related….

There were some surprising entries!

The countless varieties of coffees, brewing methods, techniques, adornments and service idiosyncrasies, do by their very nature, result in a rich and varied tapestry, which is of course the wonder and enjoyment of coffee!

So sit back – Here we go – What are your thoughts?


1)    Vienna

Since 2011, officially recognized as a UNESCO site of ‘intangible cultural heritage’ Viennese coffee culture is now officially on the map… ! And the award recognizes Vienna’s stolid coffee drinking traditions, which can be traced back to the 17th C… Try Café Landtmann with Sacher torte for the full effect!!

2)    Seattle

Perhaps there is just the hint of the US ‘perspective’ on the world outside of its own shores smacking this choice up the charts! BUT! ‘Travel and Leisure’ rated it the USA’s most caffeinated City – so there we go!!!:)

 3)    Havana

Life revolves around Coradito or Cubano – more heritage than you can shake a stick at – coffee is a ‘food group’ to this vibrant and elusive culture!


4)    Melbourne

A proud independent café culture- I still have to admit this was a surprise placing for little old me!

5)    Lisbon

Now we are back on track! Fully deserved- this is one of Europe’s most underrated capitals… and the whole nation lives and breathes coffee excellence, as citied by the wonderful market leader, Nova Delta Cafes!  Try Cafe A Brasileira,

6)    Portland Orgeon

What can I say!


 7)    Oslo

Agreed- but I think our US friends may have confused the wider Nordic coffee success – especially with the finest quality filter coffees with just one city, Stockholm and Helsinki could just as easily figure in this top ten in my opinion

8)    Sao Paulo

A new entrant surely – and perhaps again a little premature! But, I certainly agree that in the next five years, with massively exploding wealth and increasing consumption of their own fine quality coffees, Brazilian coffee culture will catapult Sao Paulo and many other cities into the espresso lime light and shake up our current service paradigms

9)    Vancouver

A city of wonderful micro roasters apparently – head for the 49th parallel to savour full effect?!

10) Taipei

Part of the national heritage – coffee is an important way of life for the Taiwanese…still again a surprise entrant for me.. And could easily have been replaced by Seville, Naples or even Hamburg!

Interesting! And food for thought as we contemplate another perfetto espresso!

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