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Jan 13, 2012



World’s Most Expensive Espresso?

Created by Delonghi, the world’s most expensive espresso was allegedly the Caffe Raro – Retailing in 2006 at £50 a shot!

Made from the world’s two most expensive single origins, Kopi Luwak and Jamaica Blue Mountain, we perhaps shouldn’t be too surprised…although quite how these specialties worked in an espresso is anyone’s guess! Too acidic perhaps….?

Remember, this was the time of the £85 sandwich served up by Selfridges, Nino’s Bellisimo £1,000 Pizza, Raymond Blanc’s £600 salad and Duerr’s £5,000 pot of jam…ahh those were the days eh?!

Today, Kopi Luwak is the single most expensive coffee money can buy –  yes it is unusual, yes it has a particular taste , but it is the supply , limited to c 500Lbs per year which keeps prices high. A recent trade quote I came across was at £97/ kilo green

Jamaica Blue Mountain, was until the rise of Kopi, the world’s most expensive coffee option and today retails in the trade at around £55 /kilo

My personal favourite in terms of the ‘best of the rest’ is the Hawaiian Captain Cook and  Kona varieties… which are followed by various Finca specialities such as the Ecuador Supremo Las Tolas estate, The El Salvador Citala and the Guatemalan El Injerto H…. and of course we mustn’t forget the  Kenya AA Blue Mountain or Mweiga Estate AAA…however, in the main these coffees will be available to trade at less than £20 /kilo green

Typically espresso is valued as a ‘powerful essence of coffee’… that’s why espresso doesn’t really benefit in terms of taste or performance by using the world’s finest coffees, it’s roasted too highly… and is a concept which doesn’t suit the nuances of  the world’s finest coffees

Simply, you need great quality mainstream origins, which are carefully selected and then expertly roasted and prepared.

I don’t need to tell you that the ESE espresso pod is the simplest way to make sure you get fabulous espresso in your home….

The single biggest culprit for a poor espresso is preparation…incorrect grind, inappropriate roast colour and a poorly performing machine…get these elements right and you will be satisfied with the result of your espresso exploration…. to help you get this right – chose Aromo ESE espresso pods for satisfaction guaranteed!

This article was written by Aromo Guru for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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