Who Drinks, What and Where?

Nov 14, 2012




As a scene setter – In the EU, in 2010, 50 B beverages were consumed…of these 21 B were hot and 29 B were cold… and a healthy 79% of all adults – of a possible 575m population – consumed coffee ‘ regularly’ …

Meantime – In the land of Uncle Sam, that reliable research ‘bell weather’, none other than ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’, has commissioned research to find out what kind of workers need coffee most to help them through their day….

Now in case you were wondering dear atypical office employee, a ’worker ‘ is according to the Oxford Dictionary:

Definition of worker


1) a person who works, in particular:

[with adjective or noun modifier] a person who does a specified type of work or who works in a specified way: a farm worker

  • an employee, especially one who does manual or non-executive work.

informal a person who works hard: I got a reputation for being a worker


Anyway! The findings showed that those who ‘need it’ most are… people who work in foodservice! Not quite sure how that computes – it must be something to do with the temptation factor…as I would have thought builders and lorry drivers would need a good steaming hot cuppa coffee to keep them going through their arduous day…not a burger flipping kid with a pot belly…!?


Whilst –  In the much more serious UK, research by Nespresso, advises that coffee has a ‘higher social status than tea’ amongst consumers…

Apparently, ‘high achievers’, ‘high earners’, and senior managers drink more coffee than tea – this being almost completely the converse of the D.Donuts research profiled above….

Rather more interestingly, however, Nespresso also discovered that over half of respondents in top management roles bring in their own coffee from home, because ‘office coffee’ is not considered good enough!!

 Or, as Nespresso would prefer to put it:  ‘this shows how important quality coffee is to high-achieving decision-makers’….  What is ‘good for the goose is good for the gander’!!

Now that is worth further investigation me thinks!!?

Monkey fire up the Sinclair ZX81 and lets do some Lotus 123 on this little hot baby of a topic…!


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