When I am 64!

Jan 24, 2012



When I am 64 where will my espresso and my ESE pods come from?

With global coffee consumption forecast to increase some 37m bags, or 260 b cups pa, it is a question any caffeine and ESE espresso addict needs to ask!

New husbandry and increased efficiencies will play a big part in delivering the new volume required…but this is only part of the story

The traditional coffee belt is going to be challenged in an effort to find new growing regions!

Angola used once to be a major producer of exceptional quality Robusta – now the civil war is distant memory, can it re-establish itself and supply perhaps 10 m bags of the short fall?

South Africa…famed more for Rooibos and cheap plonk, has now proven that it can produce an Arabica of sorts at sea level! Perhaps another 1 m bags in 10 years time to add to the global pot?

Laos… near neighbour of Vietnam and ready now to embrace a commercial market economy…could it replicate the phenomenal rise of Vietnam and  contribute a further 5 > 7 m bags to the global coffee economy?

And finally China…surely the biggest potential consumer and grower of green bean … which currently has c 2 k hectares of coffee plantations and grand plans for a further 14 k hectares, mainly in Yunnan Province and its growing regions of Dehong, BaoShan, Simao, and Ruili…..can it contribute a further 5 > 10 m bags?

If the answer to these questions proves to be positive…in 10 years time the typical espresso could well be a Chinese Arabica with a tad of Angolan or Laos…sounds fanciful doesn’t it at the moment…but stranger things have happened!

Rest assured, Aromo ESE Espresso will of course continue to source, blend and roast the finest quality beans available… For the team here, supplying consistently great ESE Espresso is our raison d’être…I doubt too many suppliers can hand on heart attest to the consistency of the beans they source and blend year round… as coffee is a natural raw material which varies from season to season

But equally change is good!

And I for one would love to use Angolan in our ESE Espresso pods

Perhaps even a single origin Angolan Easy Serving Espresso pod…??

Monkey – get the roaster cranked up!

This article was written by Aromo Guru for aromocoffee.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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