What use is a Kettle?

Jun 3, 2013



We don’t use Kettles no more!


It seems that the humble kettle is simply not cool enough as a means for boiling water for our favourite cuppa any longer!

This change is slow and will take many years – but it reflects the move towards single serve coffee and tea solutions in all of their myriad forms – Nespresso / Tassimo / Delta Q / Cafissimo and Modo Mio to name but a few…

Would you believe it but between 2002 > 2011 nearly 7. 5 m Nespresso and Senseo and Keurig machines were placed in homes across the globe…

Here in the UK that trend is moving apace, with many Britons agreeing

‘I would be tempted to buy a coffee pod machine if the price came down below £50’

And so it did, in the New Year sales, with Nestles Dolce Gusto and Tesco’s K system being amongst the many at a sub £50 and even £40 RRP

In the Uk, the appliance market has grown between 2007 and 2011 from a 54 to a 76M £ market and you won’t be surprised to hear that beverage makers massively out perform

We Brits are a simple race…we want a little bit of style in our kitchen…. a little bit of luxury at home and coffee pods deliver that coffee shop taste consistently and with massive convenience… as one pundit advised….’products which tap into the desire for treat will beat thrift fatigue’… and at a time of recession, there are it seems few investments better than coffee!



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