What a weekend for sport and coffee

Oct 9, 2011


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To be a sport fan this weekend you also needed to be a coffee fan, as all the action started way too early at dark o’clock.

Yesterday I started with 2 espresso pod cappuccinos in order to be alert enough to watch Wales and Ireland in a fantastically entertaining game that was played in the best way, ie Fast passing rugby, not too many penalties, kicks that hit the post and a Welsh victory. Thank you coffee for waking me up in time.

Today there were three things going on at once, all starting before our chickens were out of bed. Andy Murray beats Nadal in the Tokyo open, Jenson Button wins the Japanese Grand Prix and the Aussies knock South Africa out of the rugby world cup. Another day for a double espresso for me, and 3 results that went the right way. Incidentally it is said you should have an espresso shot before taking exercise as it increases performance, but this weekend the tv spectator needed it just as much.

Here is Jenson’s helmet auctioned for charity in aid of the Japanese earthquake victims. You’re a top bloke Jenson.



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