Video Killed the Radio Star – Espresso Nightmare!

Mar 20, 2012



Gold Espresso

I am shocked and perturbed to admit that a friend of mine is a ‘My Starbucks Rewards Gold’ member!!

You really don’t know your friends do you sometimes!?

He had forwarded to me an email which he had received from Starbucks advising ‘we have noticed that many of you are asking for more coffee in your coffee’


Dear reader have you ever heard anything quite so painfully stupid?

A hugely successful, internationally known and revered or despised (depending upon your opinion) cafe bar chain, which after many years of creeping global domination admits perhaps it needs to put more coffee in its coffee!

Perverse really isn’t it…but, I suppose a factor of a changing demographic and taste expectation…. that in effect the global ‘superstar’ admits it has got it wrong, or that it is ahead of the taste times…..Take your pick!

I for one genuinely believe that the Starbucks offer is now an irrelevance to the espresso gourmet coffee market… a little bit like a Ford Fiesta is irrelevant to Formula 1… silly analogy, but you understand my meaning!

Starbucks, or Charbucks, as it is know in the trade, are purveyors of fine quality origins which they ‘Hoover up’ lock stock and barrel, 12 months in advance, from Ethiopia and Central America ( See ‘Black Gold’ expose!)

They then massively over roast and completely ruin the nuances of these fine origins, to produce an ashen, smoky charcoal type liquor, which stands up well under copious amounts of milk…

And this is the key… because, if you are a Starbuck regular, you are most likely to want large and frothy coffees… and Starbucks of course wants to give you the max hit for the least amount of coffee…

Perhaps it is because we Brtis come from a tea and mild caramel soluble coffee tradition, that we have accepted the pendulum swing of a Starbucks offering which is the polar opposite of our natural and historical taste preference?

Only now are we realising, you know what…I don’t like this cool and trendy Starbucks liquor…! Hence the recent launch of Starbucks Blonde… which is described as ‘subtle, mellow, lighter-bodied, full of flavor, and delicious’…hmmm……Sounds like a straightforward drinkable coffee then … wow! (Hint of sarcasm – please excuse me!)

The Blonde is available in three blends… Veranda, Willow Blend and Decaffe Willow… and apparently is also available in the K-Fee capsule which will also soon be available here in the UK…

Starbucks has linked up with Krueger, who have recently worked with Tesco, to launch their PL K-Fee Proto system… All of which leads me to the conclusion that big fish swim with bigger fish… and we dear reader and espresso drinker must try to swim against this tide of corporate ‘one size fits’ all inevitability

As I ponder my draft of this piece over a Boost ESE pod, I can’t help but think that the beauty and simplicity of the perfetto espresso is something worth fighting for!

The best things in life are worth waiting for, or do take a little bit of effort… hence why ESE espresso pods, as far as I am concerned are the perfect blend of both form and function….

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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