I used to be a smoker, and the first cigarette was always the best, but now, after a few years of not smoking I look forward to a lovely cup of single serve espresso coffee. This morning it was made for me by my daughter, and as always she knows how to use our espresso machine. She added a little milk and half a sugar. Lovely. Why is it that the first cup is better than the rest of the day? Right now she is making me another cup, this time with a little less sugar, as I am not sure you really need to have sugar in a cup of espresso coffee, even a single serving espresso, and I have asked for no milk this time so I get a more intense flavour and aroma. That’s also a great thing in the morning, the smell and aroma of the freshly made espresso – mmmmm, what a wake up call, a little like smelling fresh krispy kreme donuts. Now theres a combination donuts and coffee!

We all love espresso coffee, and we all love chocolate. But waht is the best flavour combination. If you are like me and like a strong cup of coffee, like an espresso, then you may be one of the few that like a strong dark chocolate with a high concentrate on cocoa? Or do you like the Cadburys type milk chocolate that seems to taste of nothing else but e numbers and synthetic flavours.