Two faced Espresso

Apr 18, 2012



Our 200th Blog sees Guru in a contemplative and yet rambunctious mood

Oh dear! 🙂

Ever heard the one about the two faced coffee consultant?

Nope! Well I am not sure what planet you have been living on dear reader…but such duplicity and intrigue is now unfortunately a fact in the once small and conservative (small ‘c’ if you please !!) sector of the coffee trade

First off, you good people may never have heard of such employ as that of the venerable ‘coffee consultant’

Well, the reality is, that it is a small but rapidly growing market place in which a raft of flotsam has coalesced

Traditionally, the haunt of ex Managing Directors and washed up has beens and could have beens from the corporate machine, it has quickly taken on a new and all together sexier form as Baristas of various shapes, sizes and dubious awards join the ranks of those keen to offer advice to organisations big enough and profitable enough to listen

The reality is that some individuals and ‘networks’ are well placed to offer insight, guidance and connection of significant value in a trade often stage managed by the smoke and mirrors corporate marketing department

But – the problem is that as this sector grows, the quality of much of the advice and insight offered is diminished and eroded by the cow boys and slow hand Luke’s who are able to define a ‘sweet spot’ and wax lyrical about the specially foamed top of a flat white… however, as soon as the debate becomes remotely technical a chasm appears….

This was put into sharp relief recently when a very good friend from the continental coffee trade told of a technical consultant ‘on a mission’ to rubbish a highly respected roaster

Said technical consultant requested some green coffee samples to verify and confirm the quality and provenance of the coffees being roasted and supplied to his client

The trading house the benchmark samples were requested from knew both the technician and the roaster… a quick call to the roaster confirmed the intrigue at play… and so the trader sent stock lot samples direct to the technical consultant and the very same samples to the roaster who then in turn simply re posted them on to the consultant

The rest of the story you can guess… and yes, your assumption is correct!! Same samples, same trader, same source, different postage stamp and the technical consultant praised one lot and rubbished the other….

Nothing new really is it…..but certainly a sad little indictment of the world we live in dear reader….

Fair play and fair’s fair and all that

Time for a perfetto espresso me thinks courtesy of Monkey and Monster at Aromo Coffee…..hard at work making good honest fresh and authentic ESE hard pod easy serve espresso for you to brew and savour

This article was written by Guru (Andy Grelak) who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods



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