Tree Hugging Monkeys we are not!

Coffee is personal – and the Coffee Trade is an international community

Here at Aromo we think the big brands are missing the point – THE COFFEE STUPID! Let’s be honest, Nespresso and the likes aren’t about fab coffee DEXZAG6P8PD5

they are all about building ‘Billionaire brands’ and locking you and I into an expensive lifestyle ‘merry go round’. Think of the carbon foot print of the typical coffee capsule…the aluminium, the plastic.

The WWF advises standard coffee is to be preferred over such costly consumerist service solutions. We agree – but also like the ESE espresso pod and the Senseo pad…Which are: Completely bio-degradable, Compostable , Cheap and simple and easy to use on an open range of equipment and -Give you a great quality coffee, fresh every time.

Monkey is no bearded tree hugger! Don’t get us wrong… But let’s not feed the corporate machine, whilst we savour great authentic espresso and filter coffee with a clear conscience.

This article was written by Aromo the Monkey. Aromo writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of E.S.E espresso coffee pods