Top Ten Male Artists to have an Espresso Coffee with in a Cafe: Ralph Fiennes didn’t make it to the list

Oct 11, 2011


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The Top Ten Male Actors I would like to share a cup of Espresso Coffee with:

I am expanding the theme of who would you most like to share a great cup of espresso coffee with to a list of top ten people – so this blog is going to be about the top ten Male Film artists you would like to share a cup of espresso coffee with: So imagine you have the opportunity to sit down with anyone you want, dead or alive – at a perfect cafe (lets say in Paris) and enjoy several hours chatting with a group of famous people over a nice cup of freshly made espresso coffee.

This is only my list – so if you want to create your own list then reply in this coffee blog with your own suggestions. We will be giving away some free espresso coffee pods in future blog entries, so it is worth following this blog for the future.

Here they are the – in no particular order:

Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Robert Duvall, Jude Law, Ian McKellan, Robert DeNiro, Anthony Hopkins and Robin WIlliams.Wow that’s quite a list and I still have plenty of great ones that did not get into this “Share a Coffee List” Please do come back and look at the next entry for the top ten people I would like to share an espresso coffee with. Next Top Ten: Female Film Stars.

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