Top 5 reasons why we LOVE Coffee!

Jun 2, 2013



What are we drinking and why ? Top 5 reasons for drinking coffee


Would you believe me if I told you that the global hot beverage market is worth at retail some 130 billion US dollars- phew! 

That is a lot of wonga for your beans… and not surprisingly coffee accounts for the lion’s share of that cake at approximately 71 billion US dollar

Here in the UK, we were of course traditionally a tea drinking nation…still are… as tea remains our favorite cuppa…this means from a coffee perspective, that whilst yes, some of us have embraced café culture whole heartedly, others are still stuck in the transitory phase of drinking warm, caramel instant coffee!

Instant coffee in the UK is a big and growing business, worth last year some 730 m GBP £.

This vs fresh ground coffee and beans at a retail value of some 170 m and pods / pads and capsules some way behind- but growing very quickly – at 45 m GBP £

Consumption is explained by why we drink…. And when it comes to coffee the average Briton still likes coffee which –

Tastes smooth 45% and has a rich and easy taste 51%


We drink coffee because (strongly agrees)

Coffee makes nice break 54%

Coffee is warming 49%

Coffee is a comforting drink 45%

I love the taste 43%

Coffee wakes me up in the morning 33%



Simple eh and of course as plain as the nose on your face!

Many have bought into the idea of cafes as the third place and the 3rd and 4th wave of consumption habits…but the reality for the vast majority of folk is that they just like and enjoy the social and physiological comfort of a nice cup of coffee!

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