Top 10 ways to ruin that precious Espresso moment

Feb 7, 2012



Espresso is special

The extraction of the finest oils and aromas from a grand cru coffee bean…made possible by a gleaming example of one of man’s finest inventions the espresso machine….supplying perfectly heated water at just the right pressure…

But the perfetto espresso moment is a fragile and transitory experience…that is why it is special!

Get it wrong and it just isn’t perfetto or espresso!

Here are some of Guru’s top espresso gripes:

1)      No Crema…or a wispy excuse of a crema that could have been!

Just isn’t good enough… and all those aromas will have been lost…that crema is yours to savour!

2)      Burnt and over extracted

Arrggh! That special moment lost, because the barista brewed onwards and downwards for an extra 5 seconds – oh what could have been!

3)      Cold

No thank you – get it right – both the liquor and the cup need to be at the right temperature

4)      No Bits

I want to consume my espresso coffee soluble solids…without the solids please… make sure your group head and spout are clean  – a simple wipe  before brewing normally suffices!

5)      Dirty cup

It’s a No No! No lip stick or dribbles please…pure dark espresso in a simple white espresso cup – which leads me on to:

6)      Espresso in a Non-Espresso cup!

What!? Don’t serve espresso and demean the whole experience, as well as take me for a sucker, if you can’t even give me the correct equipment to enjoy my espresso with – and while we are at it give me an appropriate sized spoon too!

7)      No Sugar

Now Guru likes his espresso without sugar…but for those who like it a little sweeter you want the sugar cubes available there and then… no time to waste!

8)      Warmed or Skimmed Milk

No not for me…I don’t want milk…but if I did, the certainly not warmed and not skimmed – No Skinny Cappuccinos here please

9)      A water would be good

This is just a niggle…but espresso served with a small glass of chilled H2O ( perhaps on a tray, or I am asking too much!?) sets the scene! It’s appropriate! This is after all a special moment and one that requires certain standards of service!

10)   Double espresso

Don’t ask if I want a double…no up selling here please! By the very fact I have ordered espresso, I have telepathically advised you I know what I like and that I know my coffee! Double espresso never works and the crema always flatters to deceive

Take these tips with a pinch of salt…I am not the old fart I must indeed sound like…..but  when something is right – it’s right- and when it’s not – well it’s not! Simple!

And that’s why I love ESE espresso pods… simple to use, fresh and no mess….I can flatter myself that my barista skills ain’t half bad… some may call it cheating…I call it progress – and my favourite piece of progress has to be  Aromo’s Boost ESE pods…superb!

This article was written by Guru at, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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