Top 10 Reasons for an Espresso Love Affair

Feb 23, 2012



Love at first Espresso

Old Guru spends many an hour working in or around the coffee and espresso community in Europe

And often I don’t take the time to stand back and ask the very simplest of questions

 ‘Why do I love espresso so much?’

Perhaps you too have considered this when fingering an empty espresso cup and considering another perfetto shot!?

Well here goes with my reasoning:

1)      It’s personal!

Blend, roast, grind, sweet spot, torrefacto – the options are myriad and no one is right or wrong…there is simply no room for snobbery and bias!

2)       The Crema

Need I say more… a beautiful confection of aromatic oils

3)      The Taste

A sensation of blissful textures and essences….caress and invigorate- superb!

4)      The Ceremony

We don’t need any Tom Cruise ‘Cocktail’ type baristas…just someone who knows their job and the skill required to produce espresso heaven!

5)      The Occasion

Having an espresso is a special moment…if only just for a few seconds at the end of a fine meal it’s a rare opportunity in our 24/7 culture to stop and reflect

6)      The People

You always meet great people in or around coffee…. and debating espresso perfection with a stranger is one of life’s pleasures

7)      The Art

Yes, espresso in all its forms is liquid art… and the art of the master roaster is where it all starts…I am not talking latte art here…let’s leave that to the ‘Go faster stripe’ mob!

8)      The Journey

History, heritage, Mediterranean culture… all of these elements collide with espresso, in a trip with Audrey Hepburn, on a Lambretta, through the streets of Rome

9)      At home or away

The ESE pod means you can have perfection wherever and whenever you please

10)   The Equipment

Gleaming Chrome… machine turned metals and fabulous little dials and knobs… a semi auto machine is a grown up boyz toy

The journey and experience for all is unique…

But here at Aromo, we strive to make it all possible, guaranteeing excellence in ESE espresso pods

Monkey takes hours in the kitchen to make sure each and every ESE pod we ship is made with pride,  to be served with the reassurance only perfetto espresso can deliver

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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