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Jul 23, 2013



And More again


Of course Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee

It tastes good but is more a beneficiary so to speak of simple supply and demand!

This because of course as demand for the coffee itself increases so therefore does the demand for the civets that ‘produce’ it… and therein lies the ‘blockage’ if you will excuse the pun!

The burgeoning Kopi Luwak trade has now spawned a brand new industry, which is the civet farm business – where civets are removed from the wild and kept in cages to eat and expel coffee cherries on an industrial scale

And where such practices are occurring, you can rest assured a band of do- gooders has descended!! So! A new paper from the animal trade watchdog ‘Traffic’ suggests that unregulated farming will affect civet populations…

It makes sense doesn’t it…? Of course- animals removed from the wild, kept in  poor conditions, trapped in cages… yes it isn’t a harmonious success story is it… as the Director of Traffic comments-

‘To me this is the most ridiculous threat to civets or to any wildlife I have yet seen…do people drinking this coffee know…. it has been eaten and crapped out by a smelly and furry little animal?”

Well put!

Monkey  – you smelly little animal…Crank up the pressure and let’s get  espressing some caffeine candy please!


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