The World’s Gone Crazy – One Slug or Two with your Brew?

Oct 10, 2012



The World’s Gone Crazy  -A Curious Case of Caffeine Induced Madness


We Brits love to wail and moan and berate our Continental cousins and especially those who have successfully lodged themselves behind a desk in Brussels

Bent bananas and sanitized weights and measures, the list of stupendously stupid rules and regulations to emerge from these stifling closets is as endless as the fabled wine lakes and butter and grain mountains of the 1980s

Did you know for example that gardeners who sprinkle coffee grounds on the soil in their own gardens or allotments are now breaking ze law! (Peter Seller’s Style if you pleaze!)

Unbelievable but true – it is apparently the caffeine in the coffee grounds which organically keeps the slippery pests at bay – and which has proved to be a positive boon to gardeners this season, as they have battled with the miserable summer and torrential down pours of June

The Royal Horticultural Society reported this news in its magazine, ‘The Garden’, earlier in August and advised that EU rules stated that any active ingredient, or chemical used in the garden to control pests must be explicitly approved for use and then placed on a list of EU approved pesticides……as neither coffee nor caffeine have been subject to such rigours, they fail the test and are therefore ‘unauthorized’!!

Apparently, using the coffee grounds as a mulch would be deemed ok…..use them to ward off ugly slugs and you are in trouble…. As Bob Flowerdew from BBC Radio 4’s ‘Gardeners Question Time’ advised  ‘the law is an ass’ and pointed out that killing aphids with soapy water was therefore illegal too – unless you were washing the aphids and then they happened to pass onwards to that great aphid heaven in the sky!

This is all too much stupidity for Guru  and more than sufficient excuse for a caffeine laced pick me up  – ah just the tonic and guaranteed not to kill you  – promise!


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