The Secret of a Typical Espresso

Jan 10, 2012



What’s in a typical espresso?

Here at Aromo we are really very proud of the great espresso  ESE pods we have for sale…it took many months of fine tuning to get the blends we now proudly sell… and if you are reading this thinking I am now going to tell you what our recipes are, think on!

But, I will tell you what every one else’s recipe is! Or typically is….

Firstly, you can use almost any original coffee in an espresso and get a hit…That is because the key to espresso is roast colour and the method of preparation ( Time/ Heat / Pressure)…all of which I assume you know quite enough about already!

A typical espresso on the UK High Street will use 60 – 80% Arabica and 20 – 40 % Robusta

The Arabica will be a high percentage Brazil – nice, simple taste, easy to source and cheap

The Robusta will likely be an East African or East Asian… and is used for body, caffeine and crema

And the typical recipe would be something like this –

40% Vietnam 17/18 screen

10% Centrals (2) Typically Peru or Honduras

50% Brazil MTGB 14/16 screen

 A little better and the recipe may be something like this –

30% Colombian Excelso

40% Centrals (2) Typically Peru or Honduras

15% Brazil MTGB 14/16 screen

15% Vietnam or Uganda Robusta

 And if we are getting a bit posh then the recipe could be –

40% Brazil MTGB 14 /16 Screen

40% Colombian Excelso

20% Indian A

And finally if its 100% Arabica espresso you desire…never a good thing as you do really need Robusta in espresso, then you are probably drinking –

30% Colombian Excelso

25% Brazil MTGB 14 /16 Screen

45% Centrals (1) Typically Guatemalan or Venezuelan SHG / SHB

All a variation on a theme, but all good espresso if you want the mainstream…for something special try our ESE Espresso pods… you won’t be disappointed!

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