The Saddest Espresso!

Mar 6, 2012



The Saddest Espresso

Reading an article in ‘Marketing Week’ recently, I was saddened to hear that location of coffee shop is now of the same, or more importance, than the coffee itself!

Oh dear! Me thinks this could well be the beginning of the end for the high street cafe bar explosion

Once the big brands lose sight of the core product – THE COFFEE – which in many cases they have already with spurious loyalty cards, swanky design refreshes, gimmicky food offers and interest and variety activities (what?!) then it won’t be long before the ‘hero is reduced to zero’!

Ok, yes, the UK palette has improved in the last 5 > 10 years and we do now let our feet do the talking and choose those outlets which we individually believe offers best quality and taste

However, there is also the factor of at hand convenience and this to me seems to be in a worrying ascendency, because it can by its very nature lead to an erosion of quality standards

I suppose though in a well supplied market place of nearly 15,500 units, which is growing  at 4.5 % pa despite the recession, some will argue marketing has its place to drive conmsumption, others may argue that indeed marketing has its place, in creating a two tier or divergent market…

And when you consider that chains are much preferred by 40% of a sector called ‘fashion forward’ consumers, you really start to understand and realise that the end may well be nigh for the poor old quality espresso….

There are however many excellent artisan independent cafe bars and one suggestion is that it is these units that keep the chains on the run and continually improving to keep in touch with this benchmark

However, you know, the real beauty of what has happened on the high street, is that we now want to replicate that away from home experience in home

Yes spend a pile of dosh on a style statement Nespresso machine and pay 40 p a cup if you wish – the savvy espresso aficionados however eschew these corporate ‘lock and key’ solutions, for something altogether more  superior – The Easy Serving Espresso machine…!

A simple unit which can take plain old lose product, which you can purchase at any supermarket, or deli, as well as hard ‘tea bag’ style ESE pods, which are individually wrapped fresh espresso explosions!

Apparently 32% of us use a cafetiere at home, 23 % a filter machine, 14% a pod machine and 14% an espresso machine…so most the real coffee drinking populous can and should already be using ESE espresso pods, or should be considering up grading to the easy serving espresso perfetto espresso movement!!

Then with the money you save on not indulging the marketing managers at the corporate chains you can have as many espresso machines as you require at hand around the home….! One in the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, the shed, and the garage of course….The list is endless, as are the reasons for you dear consumer to put your thinking cap on and seriously consider the benefits, as well as the personal statement, made by choosing ESE espresso

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods




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