The King is Dead – Long Live the King!

Jun 20, 2013



New Wave is not the Old Wave!

The word on the streets is about the 3rd and 4th wave or generation of coffee drinking connoisseur…

How coffees are becoming shorter, stronger, artisanal, specialty and made only and particularly for you dear drinker!

And I suppose form a marketing perspective the thought has always been that these new wave and hip young quaffers have some how graduated and migrated upwards form the middle market dross that is for example Starbucks..?

Well – think again because a new report suggests that no such thing has happened… and that ‘new fans of independent coffee shops are not converted Starbucks fans – they were never core Starbuck customers to begin with’!

Interesting and perhaps an illuminating thought, which explains the continued rise of the unstoppable juggernaut that is Starbucks and also explains how despite recession, Starbucks has continued to be able to maintain and on occasion (Q1 2012) increase retail pricing…

Starbucks may be a demon, loathed across many territories, by many in the trade…but it is an engine for growth and a tool for disseminating a coffee culture which the dudes at the edge of the 4th wave can then mould and meld

The issue is how to get the Starbucks loyal consumer into these new and trendy units…..And therein lies the truth…. That Starbucks isn’t trendy is it… ?? And so by default the end will at some time be nigh, just as is always the case in the ebb and flow of the branded lotto

Starbucks has taken the US coffee shop market to a staggering $28 b in 2012

And forecasters have ticked $33 b as a target for 2017

Now that’s going to make some people or organizations very , very rich!

To many therein lies the real beauty of Starbucks et al- forget the coffee…

Monkey put yer thinking cap on!!

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