The Habitat of the Espresso Drinker

Jan 10, 2012



The espresso drinker remains an unusual beast!



ESE Espresso pods…. it is a language of its own….

…And less than 1 in 10 of every gourmet coffee served is drunk as a straight espresso – which when you consider that, away from home, some 4 b gourmet beverages are consumed annually, makes it clear that the espresso drinker is indeed a rare animal

So what are the other characteristics of the espresso connoisseur and what are the preferred mates for the enjoyment of perfetto espresso?

Certainly twenty years ago smoking must have topped the list… nothing better than a good espresso and a Marlboro Red or Gitane… not so a cigar – too powerful and all consuming! Indeed, a relatively high percentage of the best coffee tasters used to be smokers…it seemed a natural partnership and one in which far from dulling the taste sensation, smoking actually accentuated the exquisite notes and mellowness of the espresso hit.

Chocolate is another favourite…on the continent a high cocoa dark chocolate is the standard favourite…but a white chocolate also seems to add a creamy and indulgent sensation, a little like an espresso macchiato.

Fine Liqueurs or Cognac is also a natural co-conspirator of the espresso drinker! Again the two meld and intertwine so wonderfully it is a match made in heaven… add all of the above together and you surely have the holy grail of indulgence….

Times have changed however… and finishing a fine meal in a restaurant with a Marlboro remains now a distant memory…..all the more reason therefore to try Aromo’s ESE espresso pods in the comfort of your own home and take your senses back to a simpler, more hedonistic time and place!

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