The Freshness Debate

May 12, 2013



Willo the Wisp- The Freshness Debate


No! Not an advert for those ‘orrible Glade squirty plug in smelling nightmares….

But rather the ongoing debate about how fresh roasted coffee is….

Well, if you believe the hype – the 3rd and 4th wave purveyors of fine coffees and the High Street stalwart, Pret, after a week or two then any coffee is old, useless and past it – much like myself!

BUT! There is loads a research to suggests that this is not so and is in fact just good old-fashioned marketing mumbo and jumbo!

Clarke and Macrae advise that coffee packed into a bag with just good old fresh air shows little or no flavor difference for 10 – 12 days and is good for up to 40 days with a limit to ‘acceptability’ of 70 days!

Similarly, the European supermarket style of a solid brick  / vac pack style will remain ‘acceptable’ for 18 months!

And for those anoraks amongst you, another little nugget of fact is that when a whole bean coffee is finely ground, 45% of its latent CO2 is released within 5 minutes!

The result and benefit of all this research – well it beats me!

Slap a Boost pod in the machine Monkey – we need perfetto espresso inspiration me thinks!


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