The death knell for the Barista? :)

Dec 21, 2011



Who Needs a Barista for GREAT Espresso?

Here at Aromo we pride ourselves in supplying, without doubt, the finest ESE easy serving espresso pods available in the UK

We achieve this through time, care, pride and a detailed knowledge of the coffee trade and original coffee qualities and characteristics

The ESE espresso pod has often been thought of as the poor relative to a gourmet espresso prepared by a barista…

It is the barista who manages the grind, and extraction of the espresso…using the basic ‘recipe’ of time, heat and pressure

However, the new Dalla Corte DC Pro suggests the end may be in sight for our friend the barista, as machine takes on man in the quest for perfetto espresso

Ironically, the Dalla Corte DC Pro has now been chosen as the official machine for the ‘World Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits Championships’ from 2012 to 2014

Ironic only because, the machine has successfully snookered the barista and has completely de skilled the process of traditionally preparing a first class espresso!

The Dalla Corte offers amongst many features:

A Multi Boiler – This means that each brewing unit is independently serviced with water supply and heat

A Direct Temperature Control System – This is a software based temperature control system that ensures the stable brewing temperature of each brewing unit and is accurate to 0.1 degree

DCS – Digital Control System – Which allows the user to digitally program and ‘visualize’ all the relevant parameters  and controls of every group and boiling unit independently

OCS – On Line Control System – A system in which all settings can be controlled and displayed remotely via GSM modem, or over the Internet, using a Windows-based package. If an error occurs, an alarm is triggered. The error can then be analyzed online, rectified immediately in unit, or a technician can be sent

GCS – Grinder Control System – A patented system which solves one of the biggest challenges for the Barista – guaranteeing consistent product quality through automatic adjustment of the grinder burrs. ‘The machine and grinder are permanently connected via an electronic control link. If the average extraction time varies from the required time set, the grinder will automatically adjust the grinder burrs to compensate’

MCS – Milk Control System – Automatically creates constant, dense and creamy milk foam. The perfect froth for each type of milk is made possible thanks to a programmable system which can be set to every desired temperature

So am I missing something here, or could Monkey be a world class barista?

I think so!

All the Barista now has to do is complete his latte art and smile as the finished cup is presented to the client…simples really

Inevitably, with the ebb and flow of life, we will see the demise of the Barista…de skilling is a fact of modern life and not necessarily something to be afraid of,  as it enables more people to engage and be a part of something which was once an exclusive ‘club’ or past time

Similarly, we are passionate about the ESE easy serving espresso pod…it works!

No mess, no fuss and fresh each and every time, the ese pod delivers great espresso whether in cafe or at home… call us evangelists here at Aromo…we simply want to share the beauty and enjoyment which is perfetto ese pod espresso!





















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