The daily life of a coffee drinker

Mar 12, 2013



I drink coffee all day long

Now like most of you – we like to have a drink of tea or coffee, but I seem to drink about 5 or 6 cups of espresso based coffee everyday. Is this normal? Is this good for me? I don’t know if there has been any research into how much coffee is bad for you – what is the limit. I also have let my 12 year old son start drinking coffee -now in my head I always thought coffee was an adult drink – perhaps this is down to my own childhood? Anyway I thought well if he drinks all these fizzy drinks that I know contain caffeine and sugars then how bad can coffee be?

Caffeine for you kids

Caffeine has always been talked about like nicotine  – an unhealthy and potentially dangerous product – but is that really true? If you have the answers to this or any of my questions then please post a comment.

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