The Costa Machine

Aug 25, 2013



Costa Sells 600 cups a MINUTE!!

It’s terrible isn’t it… and that despite the fact that Guru is a loyalty card totting Costa customer!

But this kind of domination and ‘one size fits all’ is undeniably at the root of the 3rd and 4th wave generation businesses, which are now sweeping across the retail coffee trade…

The problem is that despite this horrendously successful ubiquity, Costa still wants more and has now boldly announced plans to double takings!!

The firm is now plotting and scheming where and how it can open new stores and employ a further 12,000 people in NVQ level one ‘none jobs’ within the next 5 years!

Last year 190 new Costa’s opened, taking the total unit numbers, here in the UK, to 1578, but takings in unit also jumped 6.8% and this is what propelling the renewed investment focus from head office

A similar story is also unfolding overseas, where store numbers leapt 17% to 949 units – with an impressive 89 of those in China, where parent Whitbread plans to have 500 outlets by 2016…,.

These are impressive figures aren’t they…but at a £2 billion business, Costa is still dwarfed by the £8.6 billion, which is the monolithic Starbucks machine

I suppose this quote from Whitbread boss Andy Harrison sums up the ‘plays ground for profit’ that coffee has become…. ‘We have 11% of the coffee shop market, so there is still 89% we don’t have!”

Time for a quite and soulful <a href="http://www buy”>perfetto espresso Monkey- I choose Bounce please – crack on!


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