The chemistry of your beautiful espresso…

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Steamed Coffees? What are they and how do they affect my beautiful espresso?

Put simply steamed coffee is green coffee beans which are treated or washed with saturated steam under pressure (1 > 3 bar) and withan increased humidity level of 6 > 12 % over the course of approximately 1 hour

Most commonly it is the Lendrich system used here in Europe, which was originally patented in 1933

Steamed coffees are more easily digestible those with sensitive stomachs… and so such products are often marketed as ‘stomach
in the Continental European market- being particularly popular in Germany

Steaming supposedly removes irritants (other than the caffeine you’ll be pleased to hear!) which may cause, or exacerbate stomach ache,heart burn and acid indigestion

Various reports – such as Albanese 1964 and Rahn 1979 – have concluded that there is a genuine change in the chemistry of steamed coffee with reductions in:

Tannin (24%)

Chlorogenic Acid (3%)

Mercaptomethane (11%)

Mannans (6%)

Pyrocatechol (25%)

As well as Pyridine and Furfurol (12 > 82 mg / kilo Mohr and Wichman 1987)

Incidentally- it is not only arabica which are steamed…more commonly – steaming is used in the soluble or instant coffee industry to improve Robusta coffees… that means that as a consumer you get a cheaper product which tastes ok!

Never knew coffee was such a chemistry lesson did you?

But that’s what makes it so very special and what makes the art of the roaster so very important….

Get it wrong at the roasting stage and this can lead to, in effect, a chemical imbalance in the roast which adversely affects the flavour and aroma of your beautiful cup of espresso or coffee– leave the technical stuff to us and rest assured you are getting the finest  ESE espresso pods available anywhere! 🙂

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