Text – Presso

Jun 7, 2012



Espresso by text

I am old… I am simple…But, I never cease to be amazed at the rate at which technology influences and directs our lives and our futures

Latest must have gadget surely has to be the text enabled espresso machine, which has been developed by Seattle based Company  ZipWhip...In a world of unnecessary gadgetry this tops the lot…but does so with some class and no little hint of old world inventor ‘charm’!

Using a standard Jura bean to brew domestic machine the ZipWhip team has created the Textpresso phenomena …

You simply send a text to the telemetric enabled machine… the robotic brewer then takes your cup from a warming tray…places it under the pouring spot…the beans are freshly ground and the brew prepared…finally, the robot then removes the cup and places it underneath a digital laser printer, which flash prints your unique reference number – such as your phone number – on to the crema!

Latte art like you have never seen before and I have to say with at least some point, as it enables you to easily identify your pre prepared brew, when you then arrive at the office a few minutes later

Zipwhip CEO, John Lauer, is not it has to be said perhaps the greatest, or most inspirational seller of our generation, but, this cute little idea has legs in a market place which is saturated with value adds that add no value…

This may indeed be one more addition to that category clutter and noise…but, in a market place where technology and gourmet coffee are unusual bed fellows, this could yet catch on and become more than pure marketing gimmickry

Well done guys…now let’s try a good old simple and damn effective ESE easy serve espresso pod as carefully prepared and packed by Monkey!

This article was written by Guru who writes for aromocoffee.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods , Senseo coffee pods and Dualit Nespresso capsules