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Sep 26, 2013



The 5 senses of gourmet vending


We all know just how popular gourmet vending has become as a sector

A quick look around any petrol station, convenience store, railway station platform, or village shop confirms the ubiquity of gourmet coffee fuel

And this offer is, in the main, branded Costa Express… where once the white and purple of Coffee Nation welcomed the drinker, now it is the shocking red hue of Costa

It was back in 2011 that Costa’s owner Whitbread paid £59.5 m for the 900 unit strong Coffee Nation and the combined business has never looked back, already having achieved its 5 year target of 3000 UK based machines

A key partner of the Costa success  story overseas has been the Middle Eastern operation ELR, who were the first international franchise partner for the business back in 1999 and now have +100 units

And it was therefore no surprise that the new wave of gourmet-vended unit, the Marlow 200, was therefore unveiled at ELRs Dubai Airport Site

The Marlow 200 is a unique machine, the culmination of 12 years R&D activity

It operates on the basis of 5 key purchase sensations or points of cognitive dissonance

The machine is visually striking from any angle being designed by leading Italian design house, Pininfarina
Each unit recreates the sound of a bustling café. This breakthrough approach has been pioneered by eMixpro, who have mixed sound for U2, The Killers and Snow Patrol.

The 27-inch HD touchscreen is the window to a rich user experience. Intel and Microsoft technology are fused with a richly intuitive user interface

The smell of a coffee shop is recreated to greet customers as they approach the machine.

And FINALLY- Taste is of course crucial!!

Costa coffee lovers will not be disappointed with a menu of more than 250 espresso based drinks to chose from!

Pleased to see they have not forgotten the most important element – the coffee – but if innovation continues at such a pace can we expect the coffee to get lost in the ensuing avalanche of marketing and techno spin!?


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