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This is the next entry in my top ten people that I would like to share a cup of hot espresso coffee. I have looked at male and female film actors, which was difficult, and I am sure that I left some out that may have made it  – but the point of this is to get your opinion on who YOU would like to share a cup of coffee with. Please do write in and let me know, as we would like to make a list of all the entries that we get and create a superlist of Ten people that would be the ultimate people to have round a table drinking great espresso and sharing stories and memories.

So the list today is for Female singers (alive or dead, tis no matter) They must all like espresso coffee – so we will have to assume that they do drink it! Again there is no particular order for this.

Madonna, Kylie, Lissie, Taylor Swift (I recently went with my daughter to see Taylor Swift in concert and she was amazing) Stacey Kent – a great Jazz singer, Sheryl Crow, Lena Marlin, Enya, Debbie Harry (Blondie) and Leona Lewis

Next blog will be the top ten BBC, ITV and Channel 4 News and TV presenters that I would like to share a cup of espresso coffee with. By the way: I make my espresso coffee using a Delonghi (not Wega) espresso coffee machine, and I use 44mm E.S.E. single serving espresso coffee pods to make the espresso coffee.