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I love a great cup of tea on a Sunday morning with the Newspapers.

Now I am a great fan of Sunday morning breakfasts. And I will normally drink tea on a Sunday morning and not coffee. Why is that? Because I drink Espresso Coffee every day in the week and even on saturday mornings so why not on a sunday morning. Is this something I grew up with or habit?

Hot weather – does this mean we drink more Coffee?

If we are having a dinner party then I will always offer coffee (some do like tea I know) I personally do not like tea after a dinner party Рthere is no finesse to it, and besides it does not go very well with a nice Cuban Romeo & Julieta No.5 cigar! I digress. So Sunday mornings-  there is nothing better than a sunday morning with a nice slow cooked breakfast, a trip to the local shop to pick up the newspapers, and a lovely sunny day in which to read them outside (as it is already 22 degrees this morning). I do like a cup of tea with this. But reading the papers outside in this weather Рactually a cup of espresso based coffee like an americano or capuccino does sound better, and if we were on the continent we would probably be drinking coffee Рso is this whole idea temperature based? In a european climate that is sunny and dry we would rather drink coffee, and in a moderate climates with plenty of rain we drink more coffee! Does anyone have any ideas on this?

I have just remembered we are off to a cycle show later at the NEC in Birmingham. I wonder what type of coffee we will get there?! I will blog about this tomorrow.