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We are trying to decide/find names for our easy serving espresso coffee. We thought that this was going to be easier than this, but so far we have struggled to come up with something that reflects what we are about and what our espresso coffee pods taste like. SO I am writing in the coffee blog to see if I can get some inspiration. We have on the table: bounce, bang, breeze, burst, seven, and we also are considering: Jude Law, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Johnny Depp! also Monkey bang, monkey butt, monkey brains…nope..!

We also like something like: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.. but that,s not it either. How about pop stars based? Brandon Flowers? We also have this little monkey: aromo, who needs to be represented somewhere, or he will get upset. We don’t want to be too serious, although our espresso coffee pods are seriously great coffee, we like the lighter touch. Perhaps we should call it espresso1, espresso 2 espresso 3 an so on! and grade it with stars. or how about “you’re fired” what would Lord Sugar say! This could be a great challenge for The Apprentice…design and produce a new coffee brand, take it to market and get it on Waitrose shelves within 1 week.

I like BLOG, POKE ME and PING but I don’t think my partners do. It’s current anyway, and I know that all you bloggers drink loads of great espresso coffee. Rocket? Glory? or how about after Space Shuttles: Atlantis, Columbia, Discovery, Challenger and Endeavour…mmm I like those. Coffee that’s out of this world..No espresso coffee thats out of this world. I’m liking. Coffee Monster?, your thoughts? Would people think we have mis-spelled colombia?