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The good news with Aromo’s easy serving espresso pods is that you won’t have one of those holiday nightmares…

You know the situation, where you bring home a straw donkey, or a bottle of Limoncello or Turkish wine… seemed great whilst on holiday…..but back home…..well, it just doesn’t seem the same!

Our ese espresso pods have been carefully crafted to match and exceed authentic espresso performance from across Europe… but the problem is which European espresso is right and how does coffee and espresso vary across Europe?

The two key variables in an espresso coffee, or an easy serving espresso recipe across Europe are Robusta content and roast colour

In the picture below, typical espresso would be roasted to 13 or more… the darker the bean … the more carbonised and the more aromatic coffee oil which is produced

Darker coffees tend to be atypical in southern Europe… Think Italian roast espresso

Dark, stiff, bitter and full, usually using lower grade Arabica and high Robusta, typically 30 > 50%,  but in practice anything up to 100%!

Conversely, our Nordic friends tend to prefer a lighter more acidic caffeine shot… typically 100% Arabica and using the finest original coffees available… import figures for coffees support the fact that little Robusta is used in Nordic coffee products

Here in the UK, and indeed in much of Benelux and Germany there is no such thing as a typical coffee or espresso recipe…it is very much down to price/ personal preference or brand.

The Uk is especially a case in point – with our tea drinking culture and the predominance of soluble / instant coffees…

Admittedly, 100% Robusta espresso might prove a hard sell…but anything from 70% Robusta on down would be more than acceptable to our palette …think this isn’t the UK? Then think again, as many of the UK’s major operators successfully offer product with 30 or 40% Robusta content and even Torrefacto….typically roasted to a medium dark level. The exclusion to this roast level being Starbucks, notorious in the trade for selling burnt, carbonised coffees which are ideal for / can deliver a coffee taste in those large milky buckets which they flog.

So if nothing else this proves that taste and what is good or bad, right or wrong, is nothing more than a factor of personal preference or national culture!!

Aromo ese espresso coffee pods taste great wherever you chose to drink them… we have sampled and analysed many of Europe’s finest coffees and espresso variants available….Trust us when we say we know a good espresso when we taste one as well as how to make the ideal easy serving espresso for you to enjoy!


Our Espresso Coffee Pod Tasting Notes: November 2011

BOOST: We’ve taken ages over this beauty – a finely balanced blend of great Brazil Daterra Bourbon/ Costa Rican Strictly High Grown for the Ooomph / Honduras Strictly Hard Bean for the acidity /Old Java Brown for that ‘ Je nes sais quoi’  and of course the obligatory super fine quality Robusta from Uganda.

A complex and  intense full espresso, with bitter sweet notes, chocolatey scrumptious and and a creamy, dry finish – Quite simply superb and you won’t find another one like this….

BOUNCE: For those of you out there who insist upon a 100% arabica espresso we offer this little piece of ‘sex on a stick’ Our old favourite the Brazilian Daterra Bourbon and more than a generous hint of Sumatran Mahandeling. Expect crema heaven with this thick and curvy bodied beauty between a typical French and Italian espresso roast… Creamy yet full and satisfying with the Sumatran providing a wonderful baritone of bitter sweet dark chocolate

BUZZ: Good for all occasions this simple yet effective recipe came about through a happy coincidence in Monkey’s kitchen. Brazil Daterra Bourbon mixes as if made in heaven with our outstanding, premium Vietnamese wet polished. Simple – yet devastatingly effective – clean , bright , smooth  dark and bold Italian style roast for the true espresso addict.

BUZZ LITE: For you Lite Lovers out there this is a fine quality Decaffeinated espresso, A 100% arabica blend of the finest South American coffees carefully decaffeinated…no caffeine but still the espresso Buzz. Dark and full bodied with a satisfying tan crema.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aromo the monkey like nothing better than drinking a great cup of pure espresso coffee made using only the finest coffee. Boost espresso coffee pods made by Aromo Coffee Ltd are a favourite of the Monkey’s and he makes his espresso coffee using a 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pod (A single serving espresso pod that is sealed in a foil bag for freshness and aroma). If you would like to find out how you can get your hands on some great tasting espresso coffee pods in the UK  – visit the Aromo Coffee website.

E.S.E espresso coffee pods made by Aromo Coffee Ltd are a favourite of the Monkey’s and he makes his espresso coffee using a 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pod