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So why is blogging about ESE espresso coffee pods not working, or is it?

Ok, earlier in the blog I looked and talked about blogging and how to blog about a subject – in our case it’s 44mm E.S.E. easy single serving espresso pods in the UK. Now the point of that article was to get people and google to come to our blog to read about espresso coffee pods, and then click on the link to the aromo espresso coffee pods website. In this article I am going to put as many words that refer to our espresso coffee website as possible to see what effect it has on the blog stats and also the traffic to the aromo coffee espresso pods website.

You may also recall that in the original blog about espresso coffee pod blogging I talked about what words people would look up, Fiona Bruce Naked seemed to be a good example, and I was not sure that it was going to work, but I am amazed at how many people search for the keywords Fiona Bruce Naked – when the blog is about easy serving espresso coffee pods UK ..!! SO we are going to try a little experiment here too – I think there are a few more people that will be higher up the rankings than Fiona Bruce – say Nicole Kidman, christina aguilera, natasha kaplinsky, and if I put there names with the word naked… so espresso coffee pods UK would become Nicole Kidman naked -or we could even have Kylie Minogue Naked, natasha kaplinsky naked, Kate Winslet nude, or the very sexy only way is essex girls Sam and Billie Faiers nude and naked together?  or Danni Minogue naked to see what happens. But this blog is not about naked girls or naked celebrities – it’s about great tasting, fresh, pure E.S.E easy serving espresso coffee delivered to your door in the UK.

Naked girls always get seen on a website – but can they help your coffee blog?

We have 4 different blends of ESE espresso coffee, and we sell to the individual with an espresso machine that is able to take a 44mm ESE espresso coffee pod, or we can also sell to the trade. Our 44mm ese espresso coffee pods will fit most machines, but they will NOT fit into a Nespresso coffee capsule machine or Senseo coffee machine – only the espresso coffee machines that either have the E.S.E logo on it, or ones with a group handle – most espresso coffee machines can take our 44mm espressso coffee pods.

So this article has been written to see what effect it has on the espresso coffee pod blog, or the aromo espresso coffee pod UK website, and if words like naked girls or naked women effect what happens. I will be amazed, but thought that this might be an interesting thought to put down in a coffee blog. I am sure that all of you that visit this espresso coffee blog website drink coffee- So why don’t you try some of our 44mm ESE espresso coffee pods? They are the freshest, purest and best espresso coffee pods in the UK

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This is a little like Desert Island Discs – Who would you most like to have a coffee with? I am not sure that I can name just one person here, as I think there are quite a few people that sharing a cup of coffee would be great – Steven Fry for example would be a great person to have a chat with over a coffee, David Attenborough would also be very intersting. Steve Jobs would be interesting (I wonder if Steve Jobs did drink coffee – I guess he must have to keep all those ideas going) What about someone that is not alive. You might think Elvis Presley would be a great catch or one of the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn perhaps. We could expand this to say 5 people you would like to talk with around a table whilst drinking coffee – so who would they be? and what coffee would you be offering them?

If it were me I think I would opt for these people: Robert Redford – such a talent, and a very caring person, then I would ask Morten Harket as he is a great philosopher. Nicole Kidman – just because she is so beautiful, and has played some great parts.Tom Hanks – He’s got to be one of the best actors ever, and I would love to get into his brain. And finally Jeff Bridges. He has always struck me as someone that you could really have a great discussion with.

These are mine – but I would like to hear who you would like to sit down and drink espresso coffee with? What are you waiting for!