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I came across this rather nice illustration on another coffee blog, and thought that I might show everyone here – so here is a rather nice espresso and coffee diagram showing you how coffee is made in a cup:

The next blog article will be Male Singers (including groups)

Brandon Flowers (also lead singer of the Killers), Morten Harket of a-ha, Billy Joel, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Mark Knopfler if Dire Straits fame) Tom Chaplin (lead singer of Keane), Gary Barlow, Freddie Mercury, Bono of U2 and Michael Stipe of REM

Next blog will be the top ten BBC, ITV and Channel 4 News and TV presenters that I would like to share a cup of espresso coffee with. By the way: I make my espresso coffee using a Delonghi (not Wega) espresso coffee machine, and I use 44mm E.S.E. single serving espresso coffee pods to make the espresso coffee.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Aromo the monkey like nothing better than drinking a great cup of pure espresso coffee made using only the finest coffee. Boost espresso coffee pods made by Aromo Coffee Ltd are a favourite of the Monkey’s and he makes his espresso coffee using a 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pod (A single serving espresso pod that is sealed in a foil bag for freshness and aroma). If you would like to find out how you can get your hands on some great tasting espresso coffee pods in the UK  – visit the Aromo Coffee website.

E.S.E espresso coffee pods made by Aromo Coffee Ltd are a favourite of the Monkey’s and he makes his espresso coffee using a 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pod

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This article was written by Aromo the Monkey. Aromo writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

This is a little like Desert Island Discs – Who would you most like to have a coffee with? I am not sure that I can name just one person here, as I think there are quite a few people that sharing a cup of coffee would be great – Steven Fry for example would be a great person to have a chat with over a coffee, David Attenborough would also be very intersting. Steve Jobs would be interesting (I wonder if Steve Jobs did drink coffee – I guess he must have to keep all those ideas going) What about someone that is not alive. You might think Elvis Presley would be a great catch or one of the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn perhaps. We could expand this to say 5 people you would like to talk with around a table whilst drinking coffee – so who would they be? and what coffee would you be offering them?

If it were me I think I would opt for these people: Robert Redford – such a talent, and a very caring person, then I would ask Morten Harket as he is a great philosopher. Nicole Kidman – just because she is so beautiful, and has played some great parts.Tom Hanks – He’s got to be one of the best actors ever, and I would love to get into his brain. And finally Jeff Bridges. He has always struck me as someone that you could really have a great discussion with.

These are mine – but I would like to hear who you would like to sit down and drink espresso coffee with? What are you waiting for!