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Semi naked women, sex and foreplay have often been used in coffee adverts, going back to the days when coffee ads had people asking each other in for a coffee, which became known for  ” do you want to come around my place and have sex” …no really I would just like a coffee. back in the seventies the beans were shaken in the hand by a threesome -two women and a man. as time progressed we got into the neighbour next door running out of coffee, and then a relationship building.. a little less subtle.

More recently we have Kenco adverts with a couple trying to have sex on the kitchen table, until they knock over their tin of precious espresso coffee, and then stop..implying that coffee is better than sex.

What do you think will come over the next 40 years? I am sure that in the rest if europe, and especially in places like France, there will all ready be naked women and men have sex on the tele, whilst thinking about espresso coffee. Perhaps we might see George Cluny getting his kit off and doing it with some bird whilst enjoying a Nespresso capsule.


This article was written by Aromo the Monkey. Aromo writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of ESE coffee pods  and Nespresso® compatible Coffee Capsules