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I know when I am at a restaurant, and enjoyed a nice meal, I ask for a coffee, and mostly will say yes to the espresso on offer, although it always amazes me how many staff actually say expresso and not espresso. It’s a bit like saying it’s a good ideal, and not a good idea – this is I think a Somerset thing! Anyhow, when you get the espresso it arrives in the smallest cup you have ever seen, and sometimes I feel a little hard done by. Perhaps I should have ordered a normal coffee (whatever that is) and had a longer drink like an americano. Then I realised that all good coffee starts with an espresso. So a little hot water or milk can make all the difference. But please stop calling it Expresso!!


Packaging Designs unveiled:

Well, the day has finally arrived and we have finalised the packaging designs for the aromo espresso single serving espresso coffee pods packaging. The names were decided some time ago (after weeks of talks) and they are Buzz, Buzz Lite, Bounce and Boost -all of which you get from drinking great tasting pure espresso coffee. So here are the coffee designs – What do you think? Can you see then sitting in a supermarket? or a specialist coffee shop or deli counter in Covent Garden? We’ve created a brand that is honest, fun, and unashamed of having caffeine. We would love to hear your comments.

I would be very pleased to hear any comments that you might have good or bad, as we love to get feedback, and want to hear what our customers have to say. We shall be taking orders for our new range of coffee pods in 2 weeks so if you would like to visit our coffee website then click on the visit website links.