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The manufacture of this espresso machine is the goal of a kickstarter project where for an investment in the project you too can own one of the machines. A couple of young engineers in the US are looking for investors here to get the seed money to build retail versions. The quality of the brew id supposed to be as good as any commercial machine with their unique selling point being the thermoblock heater and computer controlled temperature and pressure.

The espresso machine will come with single and double spout group handle and although it is 58mm diameter it will have an insert too for e.s.e. coffee pods.

Yes it can be done and this video shows the Heath Robinson espresso machine made from spare parts, bits and pieces and lots of valves. I like the way it looks too. I have often wondered what the insides of my machine looks like, and now I have a better idea. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

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This morning I woke to find that I could not make the usual cup of espresso coffee. My immediate thought was that I had done something wrong or put the capsule in the wrong way. Why was this Nespresso machine not working? (this is not my delonghi ESE single serving espresso machine, this is my Nespresso Capsule machine) I made a cup of espresso using my delonghi espresso machine, a lovely cup was made, but still, it took me an hour to realise that I had not cleaned the Nespresso machine last night, and this had caused a blockage in the water flow through the espresso coffee capsule. So make sure that you clean your Nespressso espresso coffee machine every night, otherwise you will eventually seize up the machine!