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This is a little like Desert Island Discs – Who would you most like to have a coffee with? I am not sure that I can name just one person here, as I think there are quite a few people that sharing a cup of coffee would be great – Steven Fry for example would be a great person to have a chat with over a coffee, David Attenborough would also be very intersting. Steve Jobs would be interesting (I wonder if Steve Jobs did drink coffee – I guess he must have to keep all those ideas going) What about someone that is not alive. You might think Elvis Presley would be a great catch or one of the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn perhaps. We could expand this to say 5 people you would like to talk with around a table whilst drinking coffee – so who would they be? and what coffee would you be offering them?

If it were me I think I would opt for these people: Robert Redford – such a talent, and a very caring person, then I would ask Morten Harket as he is a great philosopher. Nicole Kidman – just because she is so beautiful, and has played some great parts.Tom Hanks – He’s got to be one of the best actors ever, and I would love to get into his brain. And finally Jeff Bridges. He has always struck me as someone that you could really have a great discussion with.

These are mine – but I would like to hear who you would like to sit down and drink espresso coffee with? What are you waiting for!