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It’s no easy job selecting the best coffees for our superb ESE espresso pods

So we have covered off the Sumatran Mandheling we use…now on to the bedrock of just about every blend you will ever come across…Brazil

Yes- the world’s largest coffee producer…the engine of the Worldwide coffee market and this year perhaps due to have a bumper 60m bag crop – who knows as CONAB are never quite clear with the numbers!

Typically 15m bags (of 60 kilo each) is conilon or Robusta, the reminder a huge and bewildering variety of Arabica….

Brazil is a member of the ICO unwashed Arabica classification and has c 4 trillion coffee trees which produce c 560 > 600 kilo of cherries per hectare

The key botanical varieties are the old standards such as Bourbon and Typica but also Caturra , Catuai and even Maragogype and is now produced in c 17 states at altitudes varying between 200 to 800m …

My personal ‘horror’ is Minas… which is popular in the former Yugoslav states! Good luck to ‘em!

We used Brazil Daterra 17 / 18 screen bold bean fine cup NY2 (This means we choose the bean with the minimum number of defects per 300g)

Brazil offers a great deal of choice – but if I am honest I believe the marketers at NE Port have done a great job at flogging the estate coffees…. yes there is a variance… but whether it is worth paying the premium for the Fancies and Extra Primes, well  I suppose determines whether you  choose for example a Mondeo LX or GLX! You pays your money and takes your choice…. J

Brazil is the corner-stone of all our ESE espresso coffee pods…  and is a popular addition in almost all authentic Mediterranean espresso blends…

Typically, Eastern Europe and Russia sell a 100% Brazilian espresso – fit for purpose but a little bland… However, carefully and artfully mixed with other superb origins and the results can be sublime and satisfying. Try our Aromo espresso pods and make up your mind!