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Did you know that Coca Cola are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the international coffee market?

Starting in India in 2002, Coca Cola branded coffee is now available in South Africa, the Philippines , Japan, The Middle East , China , Morocco, Sweden, Norway and Germany as well as of  the good ole US of A

Brand identity is not common across the territories

In India for example, the brands  Georgia Gold and Garam are used…. in South Africa Chaywa , here in Europe Chaqwa and elsewhere Georgia and Far Coast

Interesting that a founding giant of the branded genre should be  moving forward in such a piece meal and seemingly un-integrated fashion ?

The coffee Coke uses is toll or third party roasted across the globe by the likes of  Kahls Kaffee , Najjar , HACO, Gavinia and Schirmer and equipment in the main comes from the old school likes of Brasilia and Bunn-o – who collectively have supplied probably in excess of 12,ooo units

The biggest success to date has been the Georgia branded caned business in Japan… a market where anything vended is a must

The coffee project is coordinated by the Coke ‘Catalyst Centre’, which ‘assembles the right portfolio of capabilities’ and drives them through the business globally…. and clearly the rise of coffee culture and espresso as the must have consumption accessory of the decade, attracted their attention … and with enviable  infrastructure  and credential it was a category waiting to be leveraged

I suppose the question is to what success…? Limited would have to be the response here in Europe…!

Yes, office coffee may be seeing the emergence of the Coke brand Chaqwa…but this really is the low-end of the market where traditional soluble vending has predominated since the early 1970’s…I for one think it will be sometime until we ever see Coke coffee as a major or indeed credible force in the high Street…but with this giant, the simplest philosophy must be to ‘never say never’…..

Meantime, the artisan roaster continues to flourish… and we here at Aromo use a  secretive little roaster who  roasts in hand pulled batches of up to 60 kilo

Slow convection roasted we guarantee our beans are the finest and freshest quality you will find…but don’t just take my word for it…try some of our ESE espresso pods…my favourite is bounce espresso …yours? Well you decide… but which ever, enjoy your espresso fix….!