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Ok, Monster – I see your dream house, how about this one – I reckon we could fit all our families in it and still have room to throw a huge party. Located in the fabulous USA we can be guaranteed of great weather and a trip to Walt Disney whenever we want (or Busch Gardens, Sea World) but we would also be able to go down the local strip and enjoy great tasting espresso coffee all day long.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aromo the monkey like nothing better than drinking a great cup of pure espresso coffee made using only the finest coffee. Boost espresso coffee pods made by Aromo Coffee Ltd are a favourite of the Monkey’s and he makes his espresso coffee using a 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pod (A single serving espresso pod that is sealed in a foil bag for freshness and aroma). If you would like to find out how you can get your hands on some great tasting espresso coffee pods in the UK  – visit the Aromo Coffee website.

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Does it? I am drinking more espresso coffee, or even more coffee (not necs espresso coffee) as it gets colder. As I sit at my desk, shivering in the lower temperatures, the only think that is keeping me warm is a nice cup of espresso based coffee (I am having a ESE espresso at the moment) So does drinking espresso coffee increase when the weather is colder? Perhaps this should be addressed to the espresso drinkers in the UK (just taking another sip of hot coffee,mmmm nice). It’s time to get the heating on and the fires going… Sunday lunches are more hearty with meat and game on the table, followed by a film in the afternoon, espresso coffee and a long walk in the autumn leaves wrapped up with a scarf and wellies. I love this time of year!

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Okay, well it lasted about 5 hours then I had to give in, and I turned on my espresso coffee machine. It was much easier and much, much better coffee than the tesco rubbish I have been drinking all morning! So you can stop drinking espresso coffee, but not for long. I just can’t go back to poor quality and poor tasting coffee, however much espresso costs – there is nothing better in my view.. well apart from maybe a really great hot chocolate.

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I know when I am at a restaurant, and enjoyed a nice meal, I ask for a coffee, and mostly will say yes to the espresso on offer, although it always amazes me how many staff actually say expresso and not espresso. It’s a bit like saying it’s a good ideal, and not a good idea – this is I think a Somerset thing! Anyhow, when you get the espresso it arrives in the smallest cup you have ever seen, and sometimes I feel a little hard done by. Perhaps I should have ordered a normal coffee (whatever that is) and had a longer drink like an americano. Then I realised that all good coffee starts with an espresso. So a little hot water or milk can make all the difference. But please stop calling it Expresso!!


Quality and quantity really can’t be comfortable bed fellows or can they?

I came across this strange contraption not long ago

The Brasilia kilo espresso press

It’s a 1 kilo espresso system which produces 5 litres of pure delicious espresso in 30 seconds…amazing or what?!

Admittedly, you will struggle to get it into even Monkey’s espresso kitchen …but it is certainly ingenious and well-done to our Italian comrades for making such a ground breaking innovation!!

Brasilia are a lovely company and they advise this is a unique and totally innovative system, in which all production variables are completely adjustable, including temperature and pressure, so that the ‘Production Barista’ can produce espresso to the “Espresso Perfetto” standard

I don’t expect any espresso junkie to order this  for home consumption… However, in office or high end cafe bars it would certainly provide a talking point..! No, sadly the idea is that the espresso concentrate is then packed into hermetically sealed units and dispensed as a diluted concentrate from a vending style counter top machine!

Stands to reason therefore that if you really do want a great espresso – then you’ll have to try one of Aromo’s stunning collection of ESE espresso coffee pods… From Bounce to Boost we promise  a truly riveting espresso performance