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Quality and quantity really can’t be comfortable bed fellows or can they?

I came across this strange contraption not long ago

The Brasilia kilo espresso press

It’s a 1 kilo espresso system which produces 5 litres of pure delicious espresso in 30 seconds…amazing or what?!

Admittedly, you will struggle to get it into even Monkey’s espresso kitchen …but it is certainly ingenious and well-done to our Italian comrades for making such a ground breaking innovation!!

Brasilia are a lovely company and they advise this is a unique and totally innovative system, in which all production variables are completely adjustable, including temperature and pressure, so that the ‘Production Barista’ can produce espresso to the “Espresso Perfetto” standard

I don’t expect any espresso junkie to order this  for home consumption… However, in office or high end cafe bars it would certainly provide a talking point..! No, sadly the idea is that the espresso concentrate is then packed into hermetically sealed units and dispensed as a diluted concentrate from a vending style counter top machine!

Stands to reason therefore that if you really do want a great espresso – then you’ll have to try one of Aromo’s stunning collection of ESE espresso coffee pods… From Bounce to Boost we promise  a truly riveting espresso performance