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I know it’s still early in february, and the snow is one the ground and a chill in the air, so why not warm yourself up with our best selling espresso coffee of the month – aromo BOOST – The best espresso on the web! Intense, Authentic, full Espresso for the connoisseur. Choose this because you want the very best available in the world today.

“We’ve taken ages over this beauty – a finely balanced blend of great Brazil Daterra Bourbon/ Costa Rican Strictly High Grown for the Ooomph / Honduras Strictly Hard Bean for the acidity /Old Java Brown for that ‘ Je nes sais quoi’ and of course the obligatory super fine Grade 1 quality Robusta from Uganda. A complex and intense full espresso, with bitter sweet notes, chocolaty scrumptiousness and a creamy, dry finish – Quite simply superb and you won’t find another one like this….” Taken from our website

This article was written by Aromo the Monkey. Aromo writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

Are you looking to make the perfect cup of espresso coffee? Are you fed up with the mess and time it takes to make and espresso coffee using beans? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should be looking to buy the perfectly design 44mm E.s.E (easy serving espresso) espresso coffee pods. This 44mm pod is perfectly formed and provides the perfect cup of espresso based coffee every time you make it.

Each pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed into a food safe filter package. Pods are typically 44-45mm size for E.S.E. certified machines such as a Magimix, Kenwood, DeLonghi, Cusinart, Dualit, Gaggia, Siemens or other espresso maker, these pods will cut down on the time it takes to prepare and make your coffee. Today there are many Espresso machines compatible for use of 45 mm diameter E.S.E Espresso standard Pod.

There is no grinding, no measuring, no tamping and no cleaning – you could save all your time – just switch on your E.S.E compatible machine (most espresso coffee machines are) and heat it up as normal, open the foil bag, place in the pod and press go.

Our ESE coffee Pods Do Not Fit Capsule Machines – Such as machines made by: Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, Caffitaly and Nespresso.

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A cheeky espresso addicted monkey called Aromo. Find him on the espresso pod site, enter the code you’ll find on his T-shirt into the shopping basket and get free shipping on your order. Can’t find him? Keep looking as he’s a nippy blighter and he gets about. Offer ends 30th October.

Still can’t find him? Email and ask for a clue.

Espresso Needs Robusta – Honest Guv!

In today’s cafe culture society, many of the high street retailers trade on the basis of a 100% Arabica espresso

All well and good, as a basic indicator of quality for the inexperienced espresso drinker…

This plain and simple mark of quality works much in the same way as Fair Trade … simply an off the shelf brand, that acts as a salve for a the uninformed western consumer conscience…

But the reality is, as any taster worth their salt will tell you, that good espresso needs some Robusta

Robusta is oft maligned… and although grown at lower altitude and often in harsher conditions, many robustas can taste as ‘well’ as a mainstream Arabica… Angolan would be a good example….

Robusta Canephora is the original genus of all coffee…and believe it or not Arabica is simply a varietal of the Robusta genus… Robusta contains more caffeine…. often has more body and a stronger and intense earthy tone… it also aids the production and persistence of the all important espresso crema!

In our ESE espresso coffee pods we specify Vietnam Wet Polished (Extra Prima)17/ 18 screen

On its own it won’t win any prizes!  But blended skilfully with other fine origins, it becomes a bit like Johnny Marr’s guitar playing in The Smiths…. an essential part of the mix….!

Coffee cultivation was introduced in Vietnam at the turn of the last century and until the 1970’s all three coffee types were grown- Robusta- Arabica and Liberica

The Vietnam War and resultant defoliation and destruction of many of the plantations as well as ‘coffee rust’ saw off the Arabica and nearly signalled the demise of coffee production completely!

From a ranking of 42nd world producer in the late 1970’s, today Vietnam is the world’s third largest producer… this year supplying c 21 million bags of Robusta to the world trade

Coffees are mainly grown in the Tonkin, Annam and Cochin regions of the country and the beans are prepared using the wet method…

Bold and beautiful as a whole bean, the wet polished (super cleaned bean) adds a bit of oomph to espresso…  we specify nothing less in the majority of our espresso blends….

If you want authentic espresso, or if you are simply unsure, trust us and go on dare to be a bit different!
The Top Ten Male Actors I would like to share a cup of Espresso Coffee with:

I am expanding the theme of who would you most like to share a great cup of espresso coffee with to a list of top ten people – so this blog is going to be about the top ten Male Film artists you would like to share a cup of espresso coffee with: So imagine you have the opportunity to sit down with anyone you want, dead or alive – at a perfect cafe (lets say in Paris) and enjoy several hours chatting with a group of famous people over a nice cup of freshly made espresso coffee.

This is only my list – so if you want to create your own list then reply in this coffee blog with your own suggestions. We will be giving away some free espresso coffee pods in future blog entries, so it is worth following this blog for the future.

Here they are the – in no particular order:

Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Robert Duvall, Jude Law, Ian McKellan, Robert DeNiro, Anthony Hopkins and Robin WIlliams.Wow that’s quite a list and I still have plenty of great ones that did not get into this “Share a Coffee List” Please do come back and look at the next entry for the top ten people I would like to share an espresso coffee with. Next Top Ten: Female Film Stars.

Quality and quantity really can’t be comfortable bed fellows or can they?

I came across this strange contraption not long ago

The Brasilia kilo espresso press

It’s a 1 kilo espresso system which produces 5 litres of pure delicious espresso in 30 seconds…amazing or what?!

Admittedly, you will struggle to get it into even Monkey’s espresso kitchen …but it is certainly ingenious and well-done to our Italian comrades for making such a ground breaking innovation!!

Brasilia are a lovely company and they advise this is a unique and totally innovative system, in which all production variables are completely adjustable, including temperature and pressure, so that the ‘Production Barista’ can produce espresso to the “Espresso Perfetto” standard

I don’t expect any espresso junkie to order this  for home consumption… However, in office or high end cafe bars it would certainly provide a talking point..! No, sadly the idea is that the espresso concentrate is then packed into hermetically sealed units and dispensed as a diluted concentrate from a vending style counter top machine!

Stands to reason therefore that if you really do want a great espresso – then you’ll have to try one of Aromo’s stunning collection of ESE espresso coffee pods… From Bounce to Boost we promise  a truly riveting espresso performance

I love a great cup of tea on a Sunday morning with the Newspapers.

Now I am a great fan of Sunday morning breakfasts. And I will normally drink tea on a Sunday morning and not coffee. Why is that? Because I drink Espresso Coffee every day in the week and even on saturday mornings so why not on a sunday morning. Is this something I grew up with or habit?

Hot weather – does this mean we drink more Coffee?

If we are having a dinner party then I will always offer coffee (some do like tea I know) I personally do not like tea after a dinner party – there is no finesse to it, and besides it does not go very well with a nice Cuban Romeo & Julieta No.5 cigar! I digress. So Sunday mornings-  there is nothing better than a sunday morning with a nice slow cooked breakfast, a trip to the local shop to pick up the newspapers, and a lovely sunny day in which to read them outside (as it is already 22 degrees this morning). I do like a cup of tea with this. But reading the papers outside in this weather – actually a cup of espresso based coffee like an americano or capuccino does sound better, and if we were on the continent we would probably be drinking coffee – so is this whole idea temperature based? In a european climate that is sunny and dry we would rather drink coffee, and in a moderate climates with plenty of rain we drink more coffee! Does anyone have any ideas on this?

I have just remembered we are off to a cycle show later at the NEC in Birmingham. I wonder what type of coffee we will get there?! I will blog about this tomorrow.

Yummy! that’s what we can say about this cake. Henry made this yesterday and we took it to a party last night. It was as good as it looked. The secret ingredient was an espresso coffee injection which we made using a coffee pod espresso. The picture speaks for itself.

Aromo Original Coffee Review

What Origins we use in our ESE espresso pods  and why we specify nothing less!!

Sumatran Mahandeling Grade 1

Outside Arabia and Ethiopia, Indonesia became the first region where coffee was widely cultivated.

Records show Arabica coffee was first introduced in 1696, by the Dutch governor of Malabar, India, who sent his colleague Henricus Zwardecroon, the Dutch governor of  Jakarta a selection of seedlings. These first plants were established at Kadawoeng, and were added to by further seedlings from Malabar which arrived in 1699.

First exports to Europe were in 1711 and within 10 years with the assistance of the Colonial government more than 60 tonnes pa was being shipped to Europe.

Today an astonishing 92% of all Indonesian coffee is grown by small holders and Indonesia is now the world’s third largest coffee exporter – following the recent demise of Colombia – sitting behind Vietnam and Brazil. Around the Eastern regions of Sumatra and especially in the vicinity of Lake Toba excellent speciality coffees are grown.

These include Sidikalang Arabica which is farmed west of Lake Toba. Although located near to the famous Lintong area, Sidikalang Arabica has a distinctive flavour profile, acidic, not to heavy and earthy , and is closer to the prized  wet processed classic Mandheling which grows in North Sumatra and which  is often referred to as Sumatra Mandheling Arabica.

Sumatran Mandhelings are fabulous coffees –complex and satisfying, like your favourite bar of Bourneville, bitter fruit melded perfectly into one wowweee of an intense espresso hit

Enjoy our Bounce ESE pods and savour the rich and dark flavour – safe in the knowledge you are enjoying a piece of coffee history.

The whole thing about blogging is that you never know who is going to read you article, and you probably are wondering why you are writing an article in the first place. Also because the internet is so vast, you are not sure who is right and who is wrong in telling you quite how too blog, let alone talk about a product or service that you are passionate about – like in my case coffee, espresso coffee and single serving espresso coffee pods to be even more precise.

You will find loads of websites or blog sites that talk about different things, most will be about food or technology, but there will be thousands of blogs in just about any subject. I like to think of a blog as a diary or journal where you pour your thoughts on your favourite subject onto a website. You must consider that not many people need to read you blog as the main purpose of the blog is to get google and all of the other search engines visiting your blog on a regular basis. Why?

Why do we want Google to look at our blog and keep coming back? Well the more we write the more we would expect the googleBot to visit the site, the more the site is visited the more esteem the site is place – its called fresh content, and the world wide web and especially Google loves this. So our blog is about easy serving espresso coffee, so we need to be writing fresh content about espresso coffee on a regular basis. When I say regular I do not mean once in a blue moon – I mean once a day. The more you write the quicker the traffic to your site and the quicker this whole thing will start to work for you.

Remember the point of all this is to send Google and all the other web crawlers to your main website -this will increase or rather help increase your traffic to your site and you will see that slowly your webpages will move up the google web pages and rankings over time. But this is just one part of many parts on SEO or search engine optimisation. We are looking at getting out aromo coffee website up the google rankings. One way as I have said ids to write an article in a blog using keywords that would be used to visit your site of someone was searching in google. So the word coffee might be searched for in google. This will bring back too many results, so the searccher has to be a little more specific – they could put espresso coffee – again this might not work due to the high number of reults. Single serving espresso coffee pods uk howver would be much better, and would return results for products using these keywords.

We already know most of our keywords, so we need to make sure that we use these words as much as possible in both our website and in our blog or any online advertising and PR that we do – so every time we put down a word or string of words in a sentence we want to try and insert some of our keywords: In our case coffee, espresso coffee, ESE single serve coffee, espresso coffee pods, coffee pods UK – see what I mean – do you get the general idea. This entire sentence is good for SEO as it is now keyword rich. You can’t just write the word several times over as this will be seen by google as SPAM and they have computer programmes to deal with this. So keep your sentence structure as I have demonstrated but talk about your product or things that might be related to your product.

This paragraph on it’s own is not enough though. We now need to look through our copy that we have written about coffee and espresso coffee and create backlinks or links to our website – we can even put links from this blog to other websites or pages within our website. This over time will become second nature to all of us that are going to be blogging for the aromo coffee website.

So some top tips for the espresso coffee blogger: Write about something you like. It could be about anything related to espresso coffee – a bit like this article. However tenuous we are writing for google in general and not people. But we should try and write useful articles and things that people might want to read – so think of a great title (this is very important) and then something to say. Make is useful, make it rellevant, make it keyword rich, make sure it has plenty of links and backlinks to our main aromo coffee espresso coffee pod website, and make sure that it is 3 paragraphs. The more we blog the better, the more in the blog article the better. If we spent 20 minutes everyday writing a blog then we will see some results.

Add some nice pictures:Lets say you are out at a cafe and see a great looking espresso coffee machine in a retail coffee house – and you think hey, this would be a nice picture on our blog sire, and that you could write an article about it with a great title – say… Worlds largest espresso coffee machine found – but does it use ESE coffee pods? might be an okay title. If we added some words in the title like free porn or see Fiona Bruce naked we might get even more views – as perhaps this article will hopefully show. We could also use pictures of Fiona Bruce to prove the point – it may have a little to do with the website but it may be more interesting thant contantly putting pictures of coffee on the blog!

Now go back over this entire entry and look for your keywords, create links back to the easy serving espresso aromo coffee website – if you need to add words, then add them. You can also come back to this in the future, but really you need to get into the habbit of spending 20-30 minutes writing, uploading images and then publishing. Check your spelling too – easy serving espresso coffee pods is not always and easy sentence to spell!

Oh and don’t forget to add POST TAGS and set a featured image!