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The whole thing about blogging is that you never know who is going to read you article, and you probably are wondering why you are writing an article in the first place. Also because the internet is so vast, you are not sure who is right and who is wrong in telling you quite how too blog, let alone talk about a product or service that you are passionate about – like in my case coffee, espresso coffee and single serving espresso coffee pods to be even more precise.

You will find loads of websites or blog sites that talk about different things, most will be about food or technology, but there will be thousands of blogs in just about any subject. I like to think of a blog as a diary or journal where you pour your thoughts on your favourite subject onto a website. You must consider that not many people need to read you blog as the main purpose of the blog is to get google and all of the other search engines visiting your blog on a regular basis. Why?

Why do we want Google to look at our blog and keep coming back? Well the more we write the more we would expect the googleBot to visit the site, the more the site is visited the more esteem the site is place – its called fresh content, and the world wide web and especially Google loves this. So our blog is about easy serving espresso coffee, so we need to be writing fresh content about espresso coffee on a regular basis. When I say regular I do not mean once in a blue moon – I mean once a day. The more you write the quicker the traffic to your site and the quicker this whole thing will start to work for you.

Remember the point of all this is to send Google and all the other web crawlers to your main website -this will increase or rather help increase your traffic to your site and you will see that slowly your webpages will move up the google web pages and rankings over time. But this is just one part of many parts on SEO or search engine optimisation. We are looking at getting out aromo coffee website up the google rankings. One way as I have said ids to write an article in a blog using keywords that would be used to visit your site of someone was searching in google. So the word coffee might be searched for in google. This will bring back too many results, so the searccher has to be a little more specific – they could put espresso coffee – again this might not work due to the high number of reults. Single serving espresso coffee pods uk howver would be much better, and would return results for products using these keywords.

We already know most of our keywords, so we need to make sure that we use these words as much as possible in both our website and in our blog or any online advertising and PR that we do – so every time we put down a word or string of words in a sentence we want to try and insert some of our keywords: In our case coffee, espresso coffee, ESE single serve coffee, espresso coffee pods, coffee pods UK – see what I mean – do you get the general idea. This entire sentence is good for SEO as it is now keyword rich. You can’t just write the word several times over as this will be seen by google as SPAM and they have computer programmes to deal with this. So keep your sentence structure as I have demonstrated but talk about your product or things that might be related to your product.

This paragraph on it’s own is not enough though. We now need to look through our copy that we have written about coffee and espresso coffee and create backlinks or links to our website – we can even put links from this blog to other websites or pages within our website. This over time will become second nature to all of us that are going to be blogging for the aromo coffee website.

So some top tips for the espresso coffee blogger: Write about something you like. It could be about anything related to espresso coffee – a bit like this article. However tenuous we are writing for google in general and not people. But we should try and write useful articles and things that people might want to read – so think of a great title (this is very important) and then something to say. Make is useful, make it rellevant, make it keyword rich, make sure it has plenty of links and backlinks to our main aromo coffee espresso coffee pod website, and make sure that it is 3 paragraphs. The more we blog the better, the more in the blog article the better. If we spent 20 minutes everyday writing a blog then we will see some results.

Add some nice pictures:Lets say you are out at a cafe and see a great looking espresso coffee machine in a retail coffee house – and you think hey, this would be a nice picture on our blog sire, and that you could write an article about it with a great title – say… Worlds largest espresso coffee machine found – but does it use ESE coffee pods? might be an okay title. If we added some words in the title like free porn or see Fiona Bruce naked we might get even more views – as perhaps this article will hopefully show. We could also use pictures of Fiona Bruce to prove the point – it may have a little to do with the website but it may be more interesting thant contantly putting pictures of coffee on the blog!

Now go back over this entire entry and look for your keywords, create links back to the easy serving espresso aromo coffee website – if you need to add words, then add them. You can also come back to this in the future, but really you need to get into the habbit of spending 20-30 minutes writing, uploading images and then publishing. Check your spelling too – easy serving espresso coffee pods is not always and easy sentence to spell!

Oh and don’t forget to add POST TAGS and set a featured image!