Stress – Presso

May 25, 2012



Stress- Presso

Would you believe it?

Apparently, some idiot has suggested that in the time it takes one of the UK’s arty and artful, middle class, nouveau riche Baristas, to produce a wonderful espresso, replete with cold and useless latte art, an Italian barista will knock out 30 good espressos?

How can this be?

The man who suggested such heresy must be a fool surely?!

Errrrrr….nope – I agree with him….:)

What is going on with coffee and particularly espresso in the UK…?
Why have we successfully made something so simple, so pure and unadulterated so complicated and well boringly safe and suburban?

The British coffee trade has made perfetto espresso complicated…stressful … elite…difficult…middle class…stultifyingly geekish…a professional members only club…. let’s stop getting excited about scales and grinders and super expensive machines… !

The reality for the majority is Senseo,  Moka pots , Cafetieres,  Delonghi espresso machines and perhaps ( although it pains me to say this) Nespresso!

Aromo single serve solutions mean you  don’t need to fret and worry about fresh portion controlled espresso and perfect filter… pods / pads and soon to be double ESE pods and espresso capsules delivered to your door- no mess- no fuss and no waste.

Enjoy Aromo ESE easy serve espresso pods in moderation…to much enjopyment of our superb espresso coffee can make it addictive!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods , Senseo coffee pads and Dualit Nespresso compatible capsules