Standard Espresso ?

Apr 10, 2012



Espresso Standards

We all have our standards don’t we?

Monkey’s standards are yet to be measured by man kind… Monster’s standards are known only to himself…

But one thing I took for granted was that as we consumed more of something and became accustomed to a particular flavour and performance characteristic that quality standards would improve from this ‘known benchmark’


Wrong – Dherr!!

The reality is more often than not, that the evil suppliers and traders like to sell us something cheaper and inferior to make more margin.

Sometimes, in the coffee trade, this is achieved by flavour family blend engineering.

Basically, this takes different original coffee beans that co exist in a technical ’basket’ of similar flavour and performance characteristics, but which vary in price,  and enables the master roaster to blend to a taste at a cheaper price!

Now not everyone does this! But it does happen and perhaps more often that most of those involved in the trade would like to admit!

I am urged to write about this because one of the factors being touted around for the current bearish market sentiment is that consumption is moving to lower grade coffees… Meaning that larger and often better quality coffees and origin producers such as Colombia , Central America and Kenya are therefore suffering

Well, yes, I suppose it is true that consumer consumption has and is migrating to lower quality coffees.

The reasons for this move are simple:

1)    Superior / Specialty coffees are a favourite of coffee pod and capsule users… and these single serving methods mean that no coffee is wasted in the making of the beverage

2)     Coffee consumption is accelerating globally and new BRIC territories are an example of this… specifically, because they first embrace soluble coffees which are made of lower grade coffees – FACT!

3)    “Sophisticated” taste is ok a nebulous ‘concept’ – but in many of those territories embracing gourmet coffee, there is a journey to be made along the taste and quality hierarchy… the UK is many would argue a case in point!

4)     Growing coffee consumption means private label products benefit on a value/ every day proposition… and inevitably these are the recipes which may be subjected to blending to a standard taste… whereas, the branded operators like Illy, buy 12 months coffee in advance to ensure a  uniform product performance across the year and the seasons

It often boils down to the simple adage that you get what you pay for!

Rest assured here at Aromo we are very proud of our coffees and the fact that each easy serving espresso pod we sell has been devised, developed, sourced, roasted and packed with  as much care and attention to detail, freshness, great taste and superb value as could humanly and possibly be fitted into a 44mm ESE hard pod!!

This article was written by Guru at the UK’s number one on line retailer of ESE pods / Easy serving espresso pods

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