South Minas looks very pretty in the snow!

Oct 15, 2012



South Minas looks very pretty in the snow!


No need for concern! Stay calm! 

Its that time of year again…post the frost season we enter the wonderful period of flowering when staggering plumes of white and cream flowers cover the plantations …… and it is at this stage that next years harvest, both volume and quality can start to be debated and forward pricing trends agreed upon

Now in itself the ‘frost season’ is an interesting throw back to the mid 1970s when there was genuinely a frost hazard – And such natural phenomena could genuinely decimate a crop with prices spiking and yo- yo ing as a result… However today this is a misnomer…….Frost ‘doesn’t live here anymore!’


Improvements in husbandry techniques have meant that crops are now grown in areas where the sudden appearance of the tropical early morning sun does not singe the cool and delicate coffee plants… and it was this very action which in the past was called ‘frost’ the burning effect of a strong and sudden tropical sun rise

Back to this year though and although an off cycle year it does already look like we could be on for an excellent perhaps bumper Brazil crop in 2013 following this years disappointing on cycle harvest!

This matters because Brazil is nearly 40% of the world’s coffee supply  – hence the impact on retail pricing both in the high street café and retail supermarket is clear!


Rest assured despite uncertainty and variable quality  you can slurp safe in the knowledge that the team here at Aromo only source and use the finest original coffee beans……

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