Single Serve Explained

Jan 10, 2012



Capsule > Pod – Single Serve Explained

Single Serve espresso is growing and it is growing fast!

Single serve espresso is any method by which one espresso beverage can be made at a time…so we are not talking about whole beans and espresso roast and ground here….

Single Serve portioned espresso is currently worth about 3.5 b € in Europe and is forecast to grow steadily at 25 > 30% pa to 2015 by which time 15% of the complete coffee market will be single serve portioned based!

The simple reason why capsule systems like – Nestle Nespresso and Dolce Gusto / Kraft Tassimo / Tchibo Cafissimo and Lavazza Blue and Modo Mio – are growing is because they are easy and quick to use and make a good consistent beverage

The cynic in me however can’t help thinking thatlarge corporate marketing funds, have cleverly focussed on a lock and key money making machine, which is now available at any electrical retailer and grocery store on our High Street!

Other single serve options include the soft pad as used in Douwe Egberts Senseo system and the often over looked , beautifully simple ESE Espresso pod…short for Easy Serving Espresso pod

This system works in just about any coffee machine with a group handle…  the piece of the machine which is removable and has a long black plastic handle and silver basket… into which you place your coffee for brewing

So the market is growing and you may be considering your options for an at home machine!

In which case the simple advice has to be to buy a standard machine which will take loose product (messy/ time consuming and not always fresh or perfect in cup!) and ESE espresso pods (wonderfully simple with no mess, no fuss and perfetto fresh espresso each and every time)

Why not purchase a capsule system like Dolce Gusto / Nespresso or Tassimo

My top 5 reasons

1)      It is hugely expensive

2)      You can only buy product from one manufacturer – the system owner – Nestle in the case of Dolce Gusto – No experimentation is allowed!

3)      Capsules have a huge carbon foot print- We are after all talking about a cup of coffee here not rocket science!

4)      Capsules  are not biodegradable and are more often than not simply sent to landfill

5)      You are purchasing a life style statement- Not – a simple and effective system for making great espresso coffee

6)      And lastly ( yes I know said my Top5!!) stop feeding the corporate money making machines!

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