Safest Coffee ? None at all at this rate!

Oct 22, 2013



Dear Coffee Lovers – The Daily Mail say we are ALL going to die!!

Rest easy! Not true!! But I knew it would be guaranteed to grab your attention… and I hope it has worked

Now I love the Daily Mail… who doesn’t eh?

Impartially written by erudite and  sole searching journalists, with not a whiff of bias or political innuendo… it is right riveting and educational read if ever there was one  and all 1.9 m daily readers cannot be wrong can they??  🙂

So !! When I read on line that-


‘One estimate found there were more carcinogens occurring naturally in a cup of coffee than you’d normally expect to consume from the pesticide residues in food over a whole year’

My attention was naturally pricked and I read on to be told that the way in which you chose to brew your morning cuppa could have varying health effects

 This is because scientists in the Netherlands (yes there are some there apparently) have discovered that the fatty chemicals in coffee, cafestol and kahweol, which are responsible for increasing the levels of dangerous fats in the blood and therefore increasing the prevalence of heart attack, are diminished in varying ways, depending upon the method of preparing your chosen coffee liquor…

Percolated  receives a One Star – because this method concentrates the nasties!

Turkish comes in for a hard fought one star too!

Filter or cafetiere receives only a Daily Mail Two Star health rating – as the filter mesh removes none of the dangerous chemicals!!

Espresso scores a hard fought three Stars – but this could be because the physical amount of liquor consumed is less than in standard filter

Cappuccino score a misleading three Stars as well… confusing as I can’t understand what difference there would be between this and espresso other than the calories

 Finally, the articles offers Decaffeinated praise……apparently all us caffeinated drinkers suffer from headaches, fatigue  and insomnia… yes just the same symptoms as are often  complained about by Daily Mail readers who actually make it beyond page 40 of their usual morning drivel

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