Ready Salted Espresso

Mar 29, 2012



Salted Espresso – Whatever next –  Cheese and Onion Espresso?

Ever heard the one about salting your coffee grinds before brewing?

Nope? Funny that, because neither had I!

But apparently, a light sprinkle of salt on coffee grinds, prior to making a liquor, lessens the bitterness of the brew…

And there is scientific proof that does indeed support this notion:

The Na+ ion (sodium) diminishes bitterness by interfering with the transduction mechanism of that taste. The effect occurs below the level at which the salty taste is registered’ (Breslin)


(Ref: Khymos- Thank you!)

Bitterness is of course an integral part of the espresso / coffee taste sensation…however, when over extraction occurs (predominantly at the end of the brew cycle or when water which is too hot is used to produce liquor) it can become over powering and dominant characteristic

Salt is of course thought to be the secret ingredient in Tim Horton’s coffee brew!

It is at the heart of Navy Coffee – which is made with salt and drunk strong, black and without sugar

It can be a ‘necessary’ additive when brewing coffee in soft water areas, as well as a cheaper replacement for the Colombian tradition of coffee with cheese…yes cheese… you heard me right!

There is also a Nordic tradition of adding salt to glacial waters prior to preparing a brew, to replicate the brackish waters which would often be found in the majority of coastal communities… a tradition also to be found in Turkey and Hungary… where strong and astringent coffees are preferred

You live and learn eh?

A little bit like those Smith’s plain crisps, which used to have the little blue packs of salt hidden at the bottom of the packet, I don’t think this is going to catch on… but once again it illustrates very clearly how varied a church the coffee world is… Vive la difference!

Time for a perfetto ESE espresso pod me thinks… !

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